Best Biotechnology and BioInformatics Services in India

Averin Biotech from Hyderabad, located in the southern side of India, offers extensive range of Biological, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Research Services across various expression systems. These services are offered to pharma, biotech and agri companies with short turn-around time without compromising the quality of deliverable. Averinbiotech – a center of excellence, is the training division of AVERIN BIO training in Advanced Bio-Informatics Research, Protein Modeling & Rational Drug Design,chemiinformatics,Drug designing is imparted to professionals from related inter-disciplinary fields.

We have extensive experience in addressing these unique scientific and regulatory challenges in a wide range of sectors. We can help you with the assessment of novel products and processes of biotechnology, and in the registration, labeling, and international safety requirements pertaining to your biotech products.

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