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Averin biotech is located in the fastest growing metropolitan city of Hyderabad, Our solitary, integrable way to analyze advancement draws from various studies starting from chemistry to Bioinformatics and more. With our team of scientists and passionate experts, Averin biotech a Biotechnology training Institute in India, explores to transmit few of the most summoning problems that are faced in life science research, drug discovery and diagnostic R&D. We at Averin Biotech primarily focus on understanding and serving academic researchers by providing assistance and training through our institute,commercial and academic collaborations that engage in federally funded projects. At Averin Biotech a dynamic ownership platform with low risk and low cost entry is provided.

Our main vision is to provide the researchers with right assistance of training by simplifying the process profitably and become a leading Contract research services company and one of the best Training Institutes in India.

Our Values
Averin Biotech aids to provide quality solutions for life science researchers. We accredit that a company’s integrity is its core as well as its key for abiding sustainability. We are dedicated to prominently improve customer experience from initial point of contact to sales and technical follow up. The desire to predict, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations has been, and always will be, our primary priority.

Collaboration as a Way of Life
We at Averin Biotech believe that the most exciting science outcome will result from external collaborations or partnerships with academic organizations and industries across the world. By allocating new ideas and allowing scientific innovation to cross boundaries between companies, academics, government and nonprofit organizations, we accelerate new ideas into innovative medicines. Our staff consists of Ph.D. level scientists.

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