Drug Designing Training in India

Drug Designing Training Center in India

Averin Biotech is one of the leading best Drug Designing Coaching center in India and Service provider in Bio, Chemo-informatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular Modeling and Drug Designing Structural Biology, BioIT, Microarray data analysis, and NGS data analysis are tailor made to suit customer requirements. Our value added services across the drug discovery chain, from discovery to development have been widely used by major pharmaceutical companies to boost their R&D efforts.

Bioinformatics Training Course Intro
  1. Introduction to bioinformatics and applications
  2. Biological databases
  1. Genome annotation
  2. ORF detection
  3. Primer designing
  4. SNP-RFLP detection
  5. Contigs assembly
  6. Vector Construction
  1. Primary and secondary structure analysis
  2. Sequence analysis
  3. Phylogenetic tree analystis
  4. Evolutionary trace residues analysis
  5. Homology modeling
  6. Molecular dynamics simulation studies
  7. Active site Pocket prediction
Molecular Modeling Techniques:
  1. Molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics
  2. Forcefield method
  3. Minimization methods
  4. Conformational searching methods
Drug designing: Structure based Drug Designing
  1. Molecular docking studies
  2. Protein-Protein docking studies
  3. DNA-Ligand docking studies
  4. Scaffold replacement
  5. Multi-Fragment Search
  1. 2d&3d qsar analysis
  2. Molecular descriptor
  3. Principle component analysis
  4. Multiple linear regression model
  5. COMFA and COMSIA studies
Phamacophore Mapping
  1. Receptor-based Pharmacophore mapping
  2. Ligand based Pharmacophore mapping
  3. Interaction Map Generation
Fragment based Drug Designing Training
  1. Fragment based drug designing
  2. Inside-out and Outside – approaches
  3. ADME and Topkat studies
Structure-Based Design Services
  1. Homology Modeling of drug targets
  2. Preparation of Protein and ligand molecules
  3. Active site Pocket prediction
  4. Protein-ligand docking
  5. DNA-ligand docking
  6. Computational analysis of docked pose
  7. Protein-Protein docking studies
  8. Virtual screening of small molecule libraries

Introduction to Drug Discovery & Drug Design
  • Drug Designing Basis: Molecular Recognition
  • Rational Drug Designing Process
  • Denovo Drug Designing
  • Homology Modeling
  • Ab initio Protein Structure Prediction
  • Threading
  • Active site Detection
  • Structure Based Drug Designing
  • Docking studies
  • Protein-Ligand Docking studies
  • Protein-Protein Docking studies
  • Virtual Screening
  • HTS (High through Put screening)
  • Ligand Based Drug Designing or QSAR studies
  • -2D Qsar
  • -3D Qsar Studies (COMFA and COMSA)
  • Denovo Drug Designing
  • Pharmcophore Modeling

Drug Designing Training Services in India

Molecular modeling is a platform which acts as an interface between biology and medicinal chemistry. This designing and development training course play a crucial role in health care industry. The success of this training course is usually dependent on advances and insights from the combination of biological and chemical research. Computational methods form a focal point in rational drug designing and are usually associated with NMR and macromolecular crystallography structural information. Recently, novel combinatorial methods for synthesis of promising bioactive molecules libraries have imported the screening strategies into various drug discovery roles. In the present world, we are noticing the genomic information explosion which helps to transform the drug discovery process. Furthermore, new fields such as pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics are reaching the governing goals and principles of drug designing and development.

The traditional drug designing training is highly expensive on time and cost measure, hence, the need of cost effective, smart and rapid solutions to encounter dangerous diseases. One of the best alternative that has emerged is the In-Silico software for the early discovery of Lead or Hit finding. Today the drug discovery process has been transformed with the onset of proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics and productive technologies like HTS, combinatorial chemistry , structure based drug designing, de novo designing, virtual screening, in-silico , in vitro ADMET screening.

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