Medicinal Chemistry Services / Organic Chemistry Services

Averin Biotech Pre-clinical Services are designed to help you through the drug candidate selection process and to bridge the gap between the laboratory and clinical phase of research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products..
Just as importantly, it has been successfully tried and tested by many clients who needed support during preclinical and clinical studies for regulatory submissions of investigative and new drugs. Working to the same high standards that underpin all of our services, our experts will help you evaluate the potential of a drug candidate to move into the more costly clinical phases of research. Through our preclinical laboratory services, we will analyze the initial pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics of your investigational product.

Pharmacology Services

In vivo Activity

  • DLA/EAC induced ascitic tumor model in mice
  • DLA induced solid tumor model in mice
  • In Vitro Activity

  • Cytotoxicity assay by MTT/SRB/Trypan blue
  • Clonogenic assay
  • Apoptosis – Nuclear staining with DAPI
  • Alkylating activity assay
  • TUNEL assay
  • Endonuclease assay
  • DNA fragmentation analysis / DNA ladder assay
  • Cancer specific gene expression analysis
  • P53, BCl2, Capsase 3, VEGF, cyclin D1, cyclin B1, STAT3 etc.
  • Anti Diabetes Activity ( In vivo Activity )

  • Alloxan induced diabetic rat model
  • Streptozotocin induced diabetic rat model
  • Glucose uptake studies in skeletal muscle cell lines (Non-radio labeled assay).
  • Glucose uptake in isolated rat hemi diaphragm
  • Gene expression studies (PPARγ, GLUT-4 etc)
  • Alpha-Amylase inhibitory activity
  • Alpha-galactosidase inhibitory activity
  • Alpha-glucosidase activity
  • Hepatoprotective Activity / In vivo Activity

  • Hepatoprotective study against selected toxicant in rats In Vitro Activity
  • Hepatoprotective study against selected toxicant.
  • Hepatoprotective study in isolated primary rat hepatocytes.
  • Gene expression studies
  • Anti infective Activity In vivo Activity

  • Different wound healing models in mice/rats
  • Anti microbial activity by Zone of inhibition.
  • Anti microbial activity by MIC determination
  • Antibiotic sensitivity testing
  • TLC bioautography
  • In vitro anti viral studies
  • Other in vivo services

  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Benign prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Spermatogenesis
  • Allergy
  • Antitussive
  • Psoriasis
  • Other Services

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti viral
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatoprotection
  • Obesity
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Inflammation
  • Skin whitening
  • Skin irritation (Dermal toxicity)
  • Psoriasis
  • Wound healing
  • Genotoxicity
  • Drug permeability
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Enzyme and Immunoassays (ELISA)
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