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Biotechnology Services

Biotechnology Training Companies

Biological Processes of Microorganisms, DNA-RNA Isolation, Sequencing, Gene Expression Studies, Cloning, RT-PCR and MLPA

BioChemistry and Enzymology

BioChemistry & Enzymology

Amino and carbohydrate Analysis, Chromatography, Protein Purification, Binding Assays, Biotech Companies

Pharmacology & medicinal Chemistry

Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry

In Vitro Pharmacology Assays, Cell Based Phenotypic Assays, In Vivo / Preclinical Assay, ADME - Toxicity Assays, Synthetic Route Design and Synthesis

Pre-Clinical Services

Pre-Clinical Services

Anticancer Activity, Antiobesity Activity, Anti-inflammatory & Immunomodulatory Assay, Anti-oxidant & Analgesic Activity

Cell Studies in India
Cell Line Studies and Toxicology

Cell line development,DNA Ladder Assay, Apoptosis, ROS detection, DNA Fragmentation assay, Cell-viability assay, Flowcytometry, Confocal microscopy

Bioinformatics and Drug Designing
Bioinformatics & Drug Designing

Sequence Analysis, Protein Structure Prediction, Docking, Qsar studies, Pharmacophore mapping, Fragment based Drug Designing, ADME and Topkat studies,

MicroBiology and Immunology
MicroBiology and Immunology

Minimum inhibiton concentration, Zone of Inhibition, Microbial identification

Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

LC-MS, NMR 300 MHz- 1H NMR, 13C NMR,
X-ray diffraction, SEM, HPLC, TGA, DSC,Mass,IR